Monday, July 30, 2007

Tour de Yellow Party with Shawn Young

Sunday was the final day for the Tour de France. Ericlee and Shawn are big fans and we decided to have a Tour de France party. Shawn instructed his friends to wear yellow and bring yellow potluck foods in honor of the yellow jersey. We had quite the smorgasbord. Not everyone was a Tour diehard but how can you resist free food and a good time at Shawn's pad?
We cheered on Contador, the 24-year-old from Spain who won the tour in the end. We had some good laughs making fun of the announcers, including the American Bob Roll who calls it the Tur-DEE-Fraance in a very American accent. We also loved the repetitive commercials on the Versus channel.
Our menu included Dorina's Alfredo Chicken pasta with yellow squash, yellow tomatoes and yellow peppers and, of course, garlic bread. The other party guests brought hummus, queso cheese and chips, lemon bars and banana pudding. We drank lemonade with sliced lemons. For dessert, Ericlee grilled pineapple and we had banana nut ice cream sundaes with pineapple. The diversity of yellow foods was surprising and tasty!


The Growing VM Family said...

Clearly you are REALLY enjoying whatever you are eating there, Ericlee!

What a fun idea for a party and how great you Gilmores are at facial expression!

Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

You made us hungry reading your menu and delighted to hear of Shawn's newest female interest. We also thought of our trips to D.C. many years ago and wish we could return. We are sooo anxious to see you return home in 2 days!
Lots of love,
Nana and Papa