Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Nomadic Life: Moving into our New 'Hood

After much ado this week, we moved out of Lynn's house today. We packed up the car this morning with all our bags, food, jogging stroller and books. Then we headed to the other side of Roanoke to our new digs, which is a cross between a hotel and a one-bedroom apartment.

We were giddy with relief after a stressful week. As most of you know we've lived in a lot of places in a lot of cities, but it was especially nice today to have our own space. Our front room has a little couch and chair and a kitchenette, including a stove, oven, microwave, sink and fridge. There's a good size bathroom and a back bedroom with a walk-in closet. It's perfect for our little family. Outside there's even a patio table and chairs and a community picnic table and grill, which we'll be trying out soon.

Meilani was so excited to have a little space to run around. She spent the first half hour running from the front door down the hall passed the bathroom to our bedroom and then looping back. Needless to say, there weren't any open spaces for her to stretch her wings at our last landing. She felt it was also important to check out the bathroom right away. The bath tub is her new favorite playground. Daddy's favorite thing is that we have the OLN channel (Outdoor Living Network - Versus), which shows the Tour de France every day. Mommy's favorite thing is high-speed internet. Yeah, baby!
After we unpacked we checked out a new phenomenon in the city called UKrops. This is a fantastic new Virginia grocery store that combines Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and even has normal groceries. The place is *gorgeous* and we spent and hour and a half waltzing through the aisles looking at fancy salad dressings, organic cheeses and yummy local produce. The prices weren't too bad either. Ericlee even found his freshly-pressed peanut butter.


The Growing VM Family said...

Hooray! What a relief. The new apartment kind of reminds me of our off campus home on Ridgecrest. Guess most apartments just kind of have that "look"...

Enjoy your fresh PB and organic cheese!

Love, Jen

Shawn said...

I love all your postings!!

I'm super-stoked that you folks will be visiting me during the conclusion of the Tour de France so we can all watch it together. Just like old times!! :-)

Run Strong,