Saturday, July 21, 2007

Need a Creative Workout? Talk to Trainer Ericlee

Some words from Trainer Ericlee: When one does not have a gym, you must think of creative workouts. During our time of strength training, Dorina is demonstrating curl and press with a watermelon for weight. This exercise improves both the biceps and deltoids. She performs two sets of 20.
After we ate the watermelon we had to be creative again. So Dorina used some of her recipe binders and books from school for weight to perform the military press. This exercise involves both strength in the deltoids and balance in her arms to keep the binders from falling. In addition, Dorina also did push ups, squats, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers.

We have been running about 2-3 times a week at various places. On this day we went to a new nearby park that has a bike/running trail along the Roanoke River. Running next to the river was a nice treat compared to running in the neighborhood with no sidewalks where we live now. Dorina will always refer to the other "death workout" we did running up a 400m hill four times. It was by far the hardest run Dorina has done since running the marathon. I was very proud and impressed with her. The folks sitting on their porches along the route wore puzzled looks. Why would someone torture themselves like that?

Here I am demonstrating a tricep dip, placing my feet on our stability ball (to work on balance) and my hands on a chair. You lower your body in a dip by bending your elbows. This works the triceps. (Dorina hates this one...)

We're daily working on our abs with the help of the stability ball. (Yes, this is the same type of ball Dorina used during childbirth). This is an ab crunch with Meilani as extra weight. Sometimes the "extra weight" likes to bounce up and down on the ab area, creating more of a strength-building workout. Who says you can't workout without a gym or professional weight set? Let me know if you need help being creative!


Parm & Kate said...

I am very impressed with your creativity and athleticism! I cannot imagine running a marathon at this point, you both are inspiring! And Meilani has to be the cutest extra weight for an ab workout ever. Have a good week!
:) Kate

Susan Holman said...

Trainer Ericleee-- I need a workout after this baby is born to get back into shape. Maybe with all your free time (taking Meilani to parks and picnics and such) you can create a simple plan for me!

D & E--- always love your blogs and updates from the East Coast. See you in a couple of weeks (hopefully with new baby in hand -- she's not here yet)

The Growing VM Family said...

Dorina and Ericlee--

I don't even know how to comment on this one...

:) Jen