Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meilani's Rainy Day Adventures

After a week of working on my final projects for my grad. classes, yesterday was such a relief. I turned everything in and spent the day with the family. Of course, the weather didn't exactly cooperate. The rain kept us inside but we were still creative!
We had to take our jogging stroller to the bike shop to fix a flat tire. (Can you tell we've been getting good use out of this thing? Thank you FCS teachers!) Meilani and I found a great kids consignment shop called "Once Upon a Time" - full of fabulous used toys and clothes. We pretty much hung out with the toys while Daddy got the stroller fixed.
In the afternoon, the rain cleared and we headed for our new favorite park (or parks since there are 3 parks connected by a running path). After a great run in the cool weather, Meilani decided to take the car for a test drive.
Meilani had so much fun driving the car and running in the park that we had to chase her down and wrestle her into the car seat. Here she is with her purple running shoes, escaping Daddy. Watch out track & field world, here she comes!

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