Sunday, July 15, 2007

Enjoying Appalachia: A Day At the Reservoir

This evening we took an excursion with some of the other families in the Children's Lit. program to a little reservoir about 10 minutes from Hollins University. Our friend Stephanie's husband, Craig, found this great little picnic spot. Who knew there was something this beautiful right up the road?

This was a warm day in Virginia so the kids were ready to jump in the water right away. We had Meilani's suit in our pack (go figure - we're from Cali!) and the other kids just stripped down and jumped in. Of course, the Reservoir Ranger came over and informed us that swimming was not allowed. Too bad - good thing we got some fun photos in first.

We all brought fixin's for the picnic. We had a feast - grilled dogs, sausage and brats, corn, homemade potato salad, chips & salsa, and fresh watermelon. Meilani was really into Craig's grilled corn with olive oil and oregano.

After our swim and picnic dinner, we took the kids for a little walk along the shore. Our friends Clarice and William (they're 3-year-old twins!) and Maya (Steph & Craig's 2-year-old daughter) joined Meilani. The kids enjoyed getting all muddy and poking sticks in the water at the bugs swimming swirls on the surface. We found interesting looking mushrooms and watched the families fishing nearby.

The mamas, who are all part of the Children's Lit. program, drank in the much-needed break from literary theory papers and creative writing. The daddys got to chat and grill. Our friend Jenette brought animal cookies for the kids. We spotted a bald eagle swooping over the glass-like water. And we had a wonderful Sunday drinking in Appalachia at its finest.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Better watch out Gilmores,

The banjo/fiddler concerts, the grilled corn on the cob and swimming in Appalacian'll turn that little Californa Girl into a Southern Belle for sure!

Love, Jen