Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: A Trip to the Mall

Well, maybe it's tricycles, horsies and race cars in this case. Whatever the mode of transportation we know our daughter loves things with wheels. Yesterday, she was excited about our friend William's tricycle. Of course, she didn't want to ride it. She wanted to push it around the parking lot. William, 3, tried to model the proper way to ride his Red Flyer but Meilani girl would have none of it.
Today, as lightning cracked overhead and thunder rolled in the distance, we decided to get creative and steal an idea from our friends to help keep Meilani occupied. We headed for the local mall. Meilani delighted in the Disney store. (We know, we know, her first taste of commercialism...oh no!) She immediately ran up to a huge stuffed rat (ala Ratatouille) and hugged it like her long lost brother. Then it was down the aisle to capture Pooh Bear and that crab from the Little Mermaid. Meilani and Daddy entertained themselves with kid-sized cell phones and a huge container of bouncy balls. Meanwhile, Mommy got some reading done for class out on the benches outside. (Yes, I can do homework anywhere!)
The highlight of the afternoon for Mommy was finding a 60 dollar dress on sale for 5 at The Limited. The highlight for Meilani and Daddy was riding the merry-go-round and driving the race car in these photos. Other kids kept coming by to see why they were having so much fun since neither the merry-go-round nor the car were working. Well, they used their "imaginations."


The Growing VM Family said...

Woohoo! A $5 dress!? Can I borrow it? :)

Love, Jen

Jon from Bucksport said...

Just remember to stay strong: never put the coin in. They will play on these things for years! But the first time you pay to make the thing move you are done, finis. They will never walk by the thing again without trying to wheedle money off you!