Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Making the Best of It: Meilani Makes Sand Lemonade

"When you get lemons, make lemonade," or however that saying goes.

That is certainly what our sweet Meilani does in any situation. Despite Mama and Daddy stressing out about the living situation this girl is discovering a whole new world. Her favorite new play area is Lynn's sandbox, which hasn't been used for about 30 years.

Meilani has never really experienced a sandbox before so she's having great fun running her fingers through the grains, patting piles of rocks and bugs, and, of course, trying to drink the sand - her own sand lemonade!

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Anonymous said...

We believe the new place you found was a true answer to prayer. We hope you will feel less stress and Ericlee and Meilani will have a little more freedom to move around. We love you!
Nana and Papa