Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gilmores celebrate National Health & Fitness Day

Bet you didn't know Saturday was National Health & Fitness Day. We celebrated by going on a 2.5-mile walk with my mom. Actually, we invited all the Fresno Christian Schools staff but not too many showed up on a Saturday. We need to work to publicize it a little better next year. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our walk with Nana Maria. This was a great time to catch up and get the blood flowing in the prego legs...
Meilani and Mama's favorite part of the day was the finish at Jamba Juice. We shared the Peach Perfection and even scored lunch at ZPizza a cool new healthy pizza & pasta place next door. Chicken Penne with Pesto sauce and flat bread: Yummy!

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SusanHolman said...

Ok, sorry I didn't read your blog, I just glanced and the pictures and had to comment. Where in the world did that baby bump come from? Last time I saw you there were no signs of a baby, but now... looking good mama! ( I guess I last saw you 2 months ago)