Friday, September 26, 2008

Field Trip: A Moo-velous time at the Farm

Friday we took another field trip with our Mothering/Play Group to Organic Pastures farm just outside Fresno. We drove about 30 minutes from home, passed almond trees and grape vines, beyond a few dairies. We knew we had arrived at Organic Pastures when we saw cows actually grazing in the pastures. Grass-fed beef is not hard to spot in these parts!

In fact, while the mamas and kids were getting out of the cars, the cow mamas were gathering around for a looksie as well.

Our tour guide took us through the Creamery and a separate place where they bottle the milk and other products.
This woman was packaging the raw cheese, which then is refrigerated for the aging process. The cheese is a delightful, aged white cheddar. Yummy!

We learned that Organic Pastures also bottles a rare Chinese tea called Kombucha. This "immortal health elixir" is full of enriching enzymes, vitamin C, B-complex, folic acid, minerals, and millions of immune-building probiotic bacteria. It's caffeine-free and alcohol-free.

The kids were anxious to actually see some milking and meet the cows. (Ok, some of the breastfeeding kids in the group wanted to meet their mamas.)

Corban Pusey, was our little farm boy, posing in his overalls. He loved hanging in the dust even though he was a bit spooked by the Big Cows.

Meilani, Isa, Milani and Tessa, the 2-3-year-old crew loved seeing the calves. This calf even tried sucking on their little fingers. He was a hungry little guy.

We even met twin calves. Our guide told us twins is pretty common in cows.

We rounded out our tour with a trip back to the Organic Pastures store where they filled us up with yummy samples. Meilani mooed her approval of this fun-in-the-valley-sun field trip!

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The VM Family said...

I'm reading your blog with Delia cuddled in my lap. She just "moo-ed!" Looks like a day in my neighborhood!