Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday Mornin' Run: Ericlee runs Cross City Race

We woke up early Sunday morning to go cheer on Daddy and his best friend, Chris Schultz, who were running in Fresno's Cross City Race. This race has been a tradition in our family for many years. (Unfortunately, Mama and her prego belly couldn't run this year.) We piled in the Schultzes van with Jen (and baby Sam in belly), Tessa, Addy and Kamryn. It was a girl party as we chased down the guys to cheer them on.
Jen and I are still working on our "race chaser skills." We missed the dads at the halfway point but we surprised ourselves and found them right after the big tough hill at this spot.
Daddy and Chris finished the 10K (6.1 miles) in 43:37, which is a 7:02 pace - pretty awesome for the 30-somethings. Chris actually got a 2nd place medal for his age group. Ericlee snagged 4th for his age group. We were so proud of them (even though we missed them at the finish!)

Meilani enjoyed the race atmosphere with the bounce house and music and tons of excitement. They do have kids races that start for 3-year-olds so we're excited to sign her up next year. She wasn't very interested in the little kids' race this time - she wanted to go up the climbing wall with the big kids!

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The VM Family said...

Way to go, Ericlee! I love that picture with you giving a jolly wave-- as if you weren't in the middle of running 6+ miles!