Monday, September 01, 2008

Playing, not Laboring Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend! We celebrated our long weekend with my brother Paul, sis-in-law Michelle, niece Cynthia and Chicago friend Darin. Since part of our goal was showing the Chicago boy the "best of California" we headed for one of our state's greatest wonders: Yosemite National Park. This was also Cynthia's first trip.
I guess you could say this was also our baby Gilmore's first trip to Yosemite too. Here we pose with the 4-month pregnant belly against a stellar Yosemite back drop at the our favorite tunnel lookout.

We roped Darin into taking a family photo of our crew, which was quite the feat as we fought off all the tourists and tried to get the two kiddos to smile.

I enjoyed some time with my sweet niece, who is now a whopping 13 pounds. Big difference from last time I saw Cindy at 6 pounds! Meilani loved her time with Auntie Shel and Uncle Paul as we hiked up Vernal Falls and even stuck our tootsies in the cool water at the top.
Personally, I was surprised I made this hike with its myriad steps and winding path. I was only planning to hike to the Vernal Falls bridge, but my "senior citizen" mom urged me to join the fam and we both made it to the top! Round trip: 3 miles.

After a morning at fabulous brunch and Nana and Papa's house, church and an extensive afternoon nap, we all cooled off at the Gilmore house. We rested our quads and tushes by the pool. Cindy took her first little swim in our pool with her mama and daddy.
Nama Chris and Grandpa Larry joined us for swimming and a classic California barbeque, including tri-tip, grilled corn on the cob, fruit salad, fresh tomato bruschetta and homemade berry lemonade. Dessert was chocolate-covered frozen bananas that Meilani helped me make.

Our meal also featured some fresh fish caught by Paul and Darin on their Friday Deep Sea Fishing Trip down in Los Angeles. Paul fried up some of his specialty fish and we grilled salmon.

Meilani found a new friend in Uncle Darin. They spent hours Sunday evening playing on the exercise ball and doing tricks in our play room. We think Darin needs to move to Cali! (Hint. Hint.)


The VM Family said...

You made it to the TOP of Vernal Falls? I attempted this hike when I was eight months pregnant with Ella. I made it to the bridge and it nearly killed me!

Way to go, you fit little mama you!

Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

You caught some great photos here and added articles that helped me relive that fun weekend with Darin and the whole family.
Love you, Mom/Nana