Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Children's Museum of the Sierra provides hands-on fun

Happy Birthday, Queen Meliz! On Sunday, we were invited to one of our fave little-known Valley hot spots: the Children's Museum of the Sierra in Oakhurst. We piled in the car with the Schultz girls and headed for the party to celebrate our friend Meliz's 10th birthday.

Meilani and Tessa jumped right into the action, driving this big school bus down the road. (Thank goodness we have a few years before these girls get their licenses!)

Next stop: the bank. Meilani manned the ATM while Tessa and Addy Schultz morphed into bank tellers. We thought it was slightly questionable that they allowed a check for one million dollars to be deposited in their mommy's account - signed by Dorina Gilmore?? Meilani just pulled out the "cash!"

The dress-up exhibit and karaoke stage were also a hit with the toddlers. Tessa did a Little Mermaid dance while Meilani dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Kamryn tried her hand as a bonafide fire girl, ringing the bell and sliding down the pole at the fire station.

Meilani aided with the water hose.

PeyPey played make believe and tried a walker. He made a might handsome "senior citizen." The party was great fun for everyone - not just the beautiful birthday girl.

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