Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome Home, Grandma Chris!

Ericlee's Mom returned to Fresno last night after her trip to Haiti. We met her at the airport because she *had* to see "her baby." Grandma brought well wishes and news from all our Haitian friends. She also brought some special gifts for Meilani. The ladies in Haiti made Meilani a little purse/bag with a hand-stitched hanky. Mom also bought her a little Haitian doll with a wooden chair to rest in.
Meilani already has her own little wooden Haitian chair at home so she was a little confused about this smaller one. She first hugged it like a doll. Then she set it up on the ground and tried sitting on it. This was a funny sight since her buns are a little big for it. She fell on her back like Alice in Wonderland. I've since taught her how to set up the Haitian doll in the chair and she gets her bigger chair.

Grandma says she had a good trip to Haiti. She visited the church in Pignon where we have gone for our short-term mission trips. We are looking forward to our trip to Haiti in March. Welcome Home, Grandma Chris!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Dorina,

I've been reading your links and I have to tell you how impressed and proud I am! In just a few short years, you have accomplished so much in your writing career. Of course, I knew this, but reading distinguished descriptions of you and your writing reminds me what a gifted and special friend I have!

Love, Jen

PS But wassup with taking the pop out of school, Ericlee? Probably a good move, health-wise, but that is one bad habbit of mine that's hard to break! :)