Sunday, September 09, 2007

Team Gilmore sprints in Cross City Race

This morning we continued an 8-year tradition for the Gilmore family. (Well, Ericlee's been doing it longer than that.) We ran in the Cross City Race in downtown Fresno. Meilani was a trooper and got out of bed with Mama and Daddy at that ungodly hour of 5:30 a.m. She was a little bleary-eyed but she's always up for a new adventure.

We picked up Nana to come cheer us on. At 7 a.m. Daddy ran in the 2-mile sprint and came in 4th in his age group. His time was 12:07 - just 7 seconds off his goal. He did a phenomenal job given the tough week he had at work with little sleep. Meilani enjoyed watching the balloon finish line and saying hello to the life-sized giraffe doctor.

There were less runners this year and we were very excited to see Daddy come sprinting down the runway to the finish in the top 20. He was very impressive. We also cheered on our friend, Cori Schmidt, who ran in the 2-mile and broke her record. Go Cori!

Mommy competed in the 10K or 6.2-mile race while Ericlee pushed Meilani in the jogging stroller. (Yes, Meilani got to ride in a jeep while Mama was running - where is the justice?) Mama's been sick for two days in bed after inhaling too much bad Valley air on a training run Thursday morning. But Dorina rallied after mile two (with Ericlee's encouraging coaching) and was able to pull off a personal record in this race at 57:03. "I just wish I could have breathed out of my nose," she says, laughing. Meilani watched the kids races (we're prepping her for next year) and played a few carnival games for prizes. Her highlights: a box of raisins and a giant peach. We're all looking forward to next year watching Meilani run in the quarter-mile race with preschoolers. (No, we're not pushing her!)


The Growing VM Family said...

There you go, running for fun again. I just don't get it.
Congrats on your personal records and top 20 finishes! I'm EXTREMELY impressed. Looking forward to checking out all your links over there too.

Love, Jen

Roz Moes said...

I just now got a chance to read your blog and loved it! Not only was I able to catch up with you guys, but a lot of friends, too! Thanks for all the info!