Thursday, September 20, 2007

Celebrating the Present & the Past with a College Roomie: Happy 30th Birthday, Jen!

Tuesday afternoon my college roommate, Jen Vander Meulen and her daughters, Ella and Delia made the trek to Fresno to visit for a few days. We always love company and especially a chance to catch up with friends we don't see as often as we would like. Jen was avoiding a little cabin fever since her husband is a busy pastor this time of year. This turned into a trip celebrating the past and present of our friendship.
Ella is 2 and Meilani is 15 months so they're not too far apart in age. They play well together. Jen and I enjoyed watching them in our poolside, make-your-own hot tub pictured here. We had to laugh, thinking about our times in college in our apartment hot tub. (We even went in that thing in the dead of Michigan winter with snow on the ground.)
Ella and Meilani had some fun-loving wrestling time on the kitchen floor. Girl power! Jen and I reminisced about our WWF sessions in college when we would put pillows on the floor in our apartment and all our friends would come over for pillow wrestling. (Yes, scary, we did do this!)
Meilani indulged in another of Jen and my favorite activities from college - swapping shoes (and clothes!) Meilani, my hula girl, was fascinated with Ella's pink cowboy boots and decided to try them on during dinner. She couldn't really walk in them but she played the hula cowgirl part quite well. (A special thanks to Ella for sharing...)
On Wednesday morning, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of quiche, fruit and homemade peanut butter granola. We even had girl bonding time in the bathroom brushing our teeth. Yes, this too reminded us of college roomie time. (Some of our deepest talks happened in the bathroom back at Calvin College in Michigan.)
The highlight of our few days together was having some "just mommy" time after the kids and Ericlee went to bed. Jen and I indulged in her 30th birthday dessert - a pumpkin tiramisu - and stayed up late in our pjs. We talked about mothering, our latest reads, giggled at pictures of our friends on Facebook and swapped recipes. This is quality time we so rarely get.

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The Growing VM Family said...

I love the story you told in this blog! Guess that's why you're the writer... :)

I just printed your Pumpkin Tiramisu recipe off the internet and put the ingredients for Pecan French Toast Casserole on my grocery list.

Thanks again for everything!
Love, Jen