Sunday, September 16, 2007

A New Throne for the Gilmores

Meilani has decided that it's time to potty train. Yes, we think 15 months is a bit early too but our little girl has been telling us lately when she goes to the bathroom. She runs to one of us and points to her diaper and will not stop until we change her. In church this morning she even took off her diaper and handed it to me because it was too heavy. Go figure.
In response to Meilani's needs, we went out on Friday and bought a little potty seat from Babies 'R' Us. A friend recommended we let her just sit on it after we change her diaper so she gets the idea that you use the toilet this way. We're all for taking it slow. We don't want to push her this early but at the same time she seems ready. As a mommy, I kind of panicked. I haven't read this chapter in the parenting books yet. I'm not sure what to do. But I'm jumping in too and learning as I go.


The Growing VM Family said...

We'll have to compare strategies and discuss this exciting new world of "potty" together on Tuesday. Read those chapters for me and be ready to give a summary! :)

Love, Jen

susan said...

Hope this is going well! If you need any toilet training tips, just let me know. Even though Niana is no where near this stage (oh how I wish she was!), I have 8 years of potty training under my belt.