Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Meilani is going to have a NEW cousin!

The most exciting part of our weekend camping trip was a special announcement from my brother Paul and sister-in-law Michelle. Those crazy kids brought photos of their "new car" to show the family. Who cares about a Lexus? The final photo in the group was of a baby seat and a sign that said, "We're pregnant!" Paul and Michelle went to the doctor today and it's official. They are due in May (Yes, that makes #6 May birthday for our immediate family.) Pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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The Growing VM Family said...

This is so cool! Congratulations guys! I'm sure Meilani will LOVE having a cousin and your parents must LOVE adding grandchildren to their family. Please pass our "Congrats" along to Paul and Michelle!

Love, Jen