Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Slip Slidin' Away: The Gilmores visit North Carolina

Last night we arrived in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, to visit Ericlee's cousins. Sean, Amy, and their son, Whitaker, extended a warm welcome. They took us to Mario's Italian restaurant. The adults enjoyed a deluxe pizza and the kids shared a plate of good, messy spaghetti with meat sauce.

Today, Amy and Whitaker took us for a bike ride through their neighborhood on all the "secret sidewalks." After lunch we headed for a little water park near their house. Meilani and Whitaker went down the triple slide together.

Whitaker is 4 - going on 5 - and we've decided it's the perfect age spread between kids. He is doing such a great job showing Meilani the ropes and taking care of her so she doesn't get hurt and make too many messes. They splashed together in the sprinklers at the park.

After the adventures in the water, we rode the train (Whitaker's favorite activity) and the merry-go-round. Meilani got to pick out her own horse and this time it actually moved up and down (not like the one in the mall in Roanoke). She galloped on the white horse and Daddy helped hold her in the saddle.

We headed home for an afternoon nap. Cousin Sean (aka the favorite cousin) joined us after work for dinner. Amy and Sean made us a wonderful summer meal with grilled chicken, pasta and veggies from the garden. After dinner, Whitaker got out his new Slip 'n' Slide - bought with his very own money on sale at Target. Meilani jumped onto the Slip 'n' Slide with her clothes on and started off the fun slip slidin' away.
The two kids squealed with delight as the water splashed over them and the dads dragged them down the runway. The four adults loved watching them and hanging out on the patio. What a great way to spend a steamy hot day in North Carolina.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hope you guys made it home safely. I'm thinking about you and excited to have you back in my state again!

Love, Jen