Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Fiesta, Part 2: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

We hosted our second Friday Fiesta today at our pool. The party included four Meadors girls, three Schultz girls and two Gilmore girls. In this photo, Alexandra Meadors & Meilani play in our makeshift hot tub just outside the big pool.
Here is a good cry from Meilani who wants to be outside of the gate with her friends instead of inside the gate with Mama who is setting up lunch. We enjoyed a feast of quesadillas (for the kids, tacos (for the mommies), cantaloupe, chips and bean dip and strawberry-grapefruit lemonade. We made an upside down cobbler with a recipe compliments of Auntie Michelle Lazo. We used white peaches and plums for our cobbler and there were even leftovers for Daddy.
Ruthie Meadors flashes her dazzling smile for the camera. She is the smiliest baby we know! She is 6 months now and so happy-go-lucky. She loved splashing Meilani and she would giggle with delight. She was totally content to watch her older sisters and friends as they basked in the sun and rolled themselves up like burritos in their towels. Meilani is definitely getting to see lots of *little* babies lately and learning what it is like to be a big girl.Meilani and Addison played with the Little People circus after a good swim and a yummy lunch. Tessa Schultz tried out our mini rocking chair. Ranging in age from 4 years to 6 months, the six girls actually got along well. Meilani enjoyed having some girl time and the older ones especially showed her how to play with her toys in a whole new way. Georgie Meadors, the oldest of the girls today, gives instructions to the younger girls on how to make soup out of curly ribbon in the kid kitchen for the daddies. After all this excitement, Meilani went down for a good, long afternoon nap. We are so thankful for our friends in Fresno. TGIF!


lori meadors said...

Thank you once again for having us over. The tacos were fabulous...Paul will be jealous. Did not know you had a blog while you were away, I will have to play catch up!

The Growing VM Family said...

Oooh, wish we could have been at your girl party!

Love the picture of you crying, Meilani. Why are our Mommies always busy with something when we NEED to go swimming?

Love, Ella and Delia