Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Fiesta, Part 3: Meilani's Cleaning Frenzy

We started our Friday with a cleaning frenzy. For those of you who have ever lived with me, you know that there is one thing (and there aren't many) that inspires me to clean and that's a good party. In that way, our Friday Fiestas in our pool have been great inspiration to get to cleaning on Friday mornings. My new inspiration is also Meilani. We have discovered that she loves to clean. She swiffers. She sweeps. She wipes the floor, her high chair, her mouth. She even helps me with laundry. (Of course, sometimes that means unsorting the piles.)

She also helped prepare this week's special lunch, which included these star-shaped and seahorse-shaped watermelon. Meilani's job was taste testing all food items. We also made homemade pizza with a honey-wheat crust, cheese and veggie toppings. We even made our new favorite - berry lemonade sweetened with honey.

Today's swimming guests, included Josiah Ford, who is pictured here. He love, love, loves all Meilani's musical toys like this star stacker. What kid doesn't like playing with another friend's toys? Josiah was a pro in the pool, leading the rest of the crew in belly flops off the edge. He also threw the ball for Meilani. What a stud!

Gannon Ganzenhuber and his cousin, Esperanza, enjoyed their lunch after a hearty swim. They also made us a special dessert - S'more brownies decorated with chocolate teddy grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips. They were so cute and yummy too!

The queen of the day was Bethany Ford who dutifully slept the ENTIRE time. She was not bothered at all by the screaming contest and splashing in the pool. She cuzzled up in her carrier and snoozed all afternoon, giving Mommy Beverly a nice break. We are so glad our friends could join us for another Friday Fiesta. Until next time...

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The Growing VM Family said...

Nothing like the threat of company to get your house sparkling. I know this tactic well (will be cleaning all next week for my sister arriving on Wednesday). Being one of the people who HAVE lived with you, let me just say that your cooking, empathy and million other gifts more than make up for a little cleaning procrastination! :)

Love, Jen