Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday is for Fiesta!

We decided to start a new Friday tradition - at least for the month of August. We are inviting our Fresno friends to join us for Friday Fiestas in our pool. After a summer of swimming at Hollins University in Virginia with Daddy, Meilani is a big fan of the pool in our very own backyard. Mostly my friends showed up today - Mary, Susan, Christine and Laura. Susan brought her new baby Niana (Knee-ah-na) but she's still a little too sleepy to play with Meilani. She's in that eat, sleep, poop, and then eat again stage of life. So hard to understand for a 14-month-old who is ready to conquer the world.
Meilani was VERY excited about the little baby Niana who had on a matching outfit. She was especially fascinated by the little toes and the little lamb cry. Meilani kept trying to share food and toys with 3-week-old Niana but she wasn't really getting any love. Christine's baby boy is coming August 31st so Meilani is still holding out for him.
The best part about Baby Niana (in Meilani's eyes) is that she's willing to share her mommy. Auntie Susan took time to read Meilani a few books and tickle her on the couch so Auntie Dorina could remember what it feels like to hold a newborn.

See y'all next Friday for the fiesta!


susan holman said...

We had a great time! I loved getting out of the house to a safe place where Niana could be held by others! Can't wait for a few months down the road when Meilani, Niana, and Baby Boy Johnson can play together! WHAT FUN! (Please don't comment on my overuse of exclamation marks :)

The Growing VM Family said...

"Friday Fiesta" reminds me of our Thursday Swim favorite part of summer. What a fun thing for you to start for your friends and their kids. I loved your description of Meilani around a new baby.

Love, Jen