Thursday, August 23, 2007

Friends from Haiti return to Fresno

Our friends, Walquis and Gerby, have returned to Fresno from Haiti for another semester of school at Fresno Pacific University. (They were my English students when I lived in Haiti in 2002.) When they left Fresno a year and a half ago, we had no idea if they would be able to afford to return for another semester of training. The big surprise: the kids at Oak Hills Vacation Bible School raised the money this summer for air fare and schooling. Ericlee's mom attends Oak Hills church and they decided to raise money for Haiti for a mission project. Within a week, they had enough to fly Walquis and Gerby to Fresno and cover schooling. What an incredible blessing!

Meilani and I hung out at the pool with Walquis, Gerby and Grandpa Larry yesterday. I got to catch up on all the latest news on my friends in Haiti. It's hard to believe it's been almost two and half years since Ericlee and I were there. We have plans to return in March 2008. I know our friends are so anxious to meet Meilani and I can't imagine how big all the little ones are from our sports camp ministry.

Meilani was a bit shy around Walquis and Gerby at first but soon she was inviting Gerby into her baby "hot tub" and splashing him with water. They became fast friends.

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