Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meilani Makes a Lunch Delivery to Daddy & Dines with our Armenian Cousins

We are trying to visit Daddy at least once a week this school year to bring him lunch at school. He has a long lunch break and Meilani enjoys hanging out with the high schoolers. Tuesday we brought Ericlee his Turkey-Pita Burger and investigated his new cubby/office area at Fresno Christian School.
This year Daddy has a busy schedule teaching elementary school P.E., junior high pre-algebra and coaching high school sports. He is coaching cross country right now, then basketball and track & field in the spring with us. Meilani had fun negotiating the steps to the junior high classrooms. But she wasn't interested in math class. She wanted to go UP and DOWN the steps as many times as possible.
Tuesday evening some of Ericlee's cousins (his mom's first cousins) came to Fresno for visiting and dinner. We met them at a Mexican restaurant where Meilani was the entertainment for the evening. She danced a Mexican Hat Dance for her willing audience.
Meilani really enjoyed playing with cousin Jan who showed her peek-a-boo with a hat and brought her a special pop up book called RUFF! RUFF! Where's Scruff! Any book about dogs is definitely a hit with this little lady.
Meilani also made Grandma smile. She sat on Grandma's lap and helped herself to taco salad. Her favorite were the black beans and chicken. She even got a chip into the salsa and into her mouth before we noticed. "Hot,Hot,Hot" she announced her critique of the salsa.


Anonymous said...

I love to hear Meilani has dancing in her blood!

The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Meilani,

We may look like opposites, but we have so much in common! I also love bringing my Daddy lunch, climbing the stairs at his work and getting to know his high school friends. I guess being a youth pastor's daughter and a high school teacher's daughter are a little bit the same!

Love, Ella