Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Haiti Update: Bump-bumping Down the Road in Haiti

Today we took another bumpy truck ride out to one of the smaller churches, which is part of our ministry. This church is called Fontaine and our friend Gerby helps pastor this church along with Brother Calvin. On Wednesday mornings they have a mid-week service and we thought this would be a great opportunity to film and take some photographs of the faithful people who attend the church. I personally love visiting these little churches and hearing the stories of the people there.

After breakfast we all piled in the truck and headed out to the church, which is about 30 minutes away. In typical fashion, we arrived after the service was over but the people were there waiting for us with smiles. We were able to share a word of encouragement with them. Troy filmed the pastor and about five other church members. I was so encouraged to hear their testimonies. They shared about their hardships and yet praised God for the ability to persevere. One woman came to the church because of a visit from Ericlee's grandma, Arshaloos Bell. She was very passionate in sharing about her life and the many times she avoided sickness and death because of her faith.

We also learned that four of the people who attend the Fontaine church are survivors of the earthquake in Port Au Prince. They relocated to this small town and are finding refuge among family and this church congregation.

After we finished some filming, we took a walk on the "backroads" to visit a young girl who lost her leg in an accident. The pastor told me I reminded him of Grandma Bell as I was trudging down the lane wearing my big hat with Meilani, Giada, my camera, and my Bible. We were able to pray with this sweet teenage girl who had lost her leg. She was seated in a little Haitian chair in front of her house. Her sister was helping her along. It broke my heart to see her, but what a smile she wore!

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