Thursday, July 15, 2010

30-Day Trek: Priceless Gifts

“We can do no great things – only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

By Ericlee
For my 30th birthday, my wife put together a binder of letters from all my closest friends and family. They wrote words of encouragement, special memories or things they appreciated about me. I read through these on the airplane as we were flying to Spain to visit my cousins who are missionaries. I loved this gift because I felt the love from so many people.

By Dorina
I love giving gifts. There’s something deep inside me that gets joy when sharing a gift with someone I love. I plan weeks ahead of time what I will give for a birthday or Christmas. This year we made a pledge to make as many of our gifts as we can or buy homemade items.  I’ve been knitting/crocheting lots of hats, scarves, flower clippies and flip flops. As I knit, I think about the person and pray for them. Meilani delights in making homemade cards and art projects for her grandparents and friends. We often make homemade baked goods for neighbors or I love to cook meals for new parents or birthday gifts.

I like to shop at a local boutique in Fresno called Twee in the Tower District. This place sells all handmade goods by local artisans. If you’re outside Fresno, you might look for a national store called Ten Thousand Villages, which features fair-trade items made by people all over the world. I’ve scored some beautiful jewelry, wooden toys and other items made in places like South Africa, India and even Haiti.

What was the most meaningful gift you ever received?

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VM Family said...

Knowing the thought and prayer that went into your homemade gifts for us this year makes them even more special! I would answer that gifts that show thought and time and effort and creativity (like yours!) ARE the best gifts.