Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hait Update: Creative Play

Friday, July 30

One of my greatest joys this week has been watching our team bond with the kids. It’s amazing to live in this mission house and know that every time you step out the door there are neighborhood kids or the orphans next door at the orphanage waiting to play with us. It’s so different from the kids in America who have lots of toys, video games and television shows to keep themselves busy. These kids are creative with simple things. For example, a sock and some tape becomes a soccer ball. Some cardboard, string and tin foil becomes a car to pull. An old tire and a stick becomes a game of racing down the street. I hope my girls can learn from this creative play.

Our team has learned to be innovative with the supplies we have here at the house. After Paul & Troy finished building a bed yesterday for our orphanage director, they used some extra wood and a cinder block to make a teeter totter for the kids. Allison and I used some extra chalk she found when cleaning out the desk here in the house to teach some of the girls hopscotch.

Ericlee says his favorite pastime in Haiti is playing soccer with the kids. Last year we were so busy hosting teams that he didn’t take time to enjoy this. This week he has carved out some quality time to play a lot of soccer with the orphan and neighborhood boys. They like to take the ball into one of the school classrooms and play a kind of indoor soccer with posts for goals. When he isn't playing soccer, Ericlee has been helping watch our kids so I have time to use my communication gifts. I love the way he involves our girls in play.

Ericlee has also been busy behind the scenes meeting with the leaders here and working on accounting for the ministry. He is getting his feet wet learning how to operate a non-profit and working closely with Peter, the Haitian director of the ministry here. We know we have many challenges ahead as we prepare for our family to move to Haiti to serve for one year.

This evening the rain finally came to Pignon. For days we have seen lightning and heard thunder. Our Haitian friends joke that it never rains in Pignon. Tonight we learned otherwise. The rain watered the ground, the thirsty plants and brought with it a cool breeze. Unfortunately, the Friday evening service at church was canceled. We were all looking forward to hearing Peter preach.

Instead I got my hair braided by Nella, one of the young ladies who helps cook and do our laundry. We all had a big game of Uno. This is one of those universal card games of colors and numbers that Haitians, kids (Meilani!) and adults alike can join in. It’s a game that crosses cultural lines.


heather said...

I didn't even realize (until today) that you are blogging about your trip! I loved reading every word and can't wait for the next update! Please continue to post when you can. I am praying for the whole team.

p.s. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of Estisonn ;)

Anonymous said...

Great photos of children-both Haitian and the darlings from California! Love reading all the experiences. Did you know this 1 1/2 inch square keeps appearing in the middle of your blog called a "photo bucket"? We can read around it, but it is a nuisance. Can you remove it, because we can't.

Mom and Dad