Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pictures of the Day: Watching the Olympic Trials & Our Little Pole Vaulter

Sunday night we headed down "the Rat" or student lounge on campus to watch the final day of the Olympic Trials for Track & Field and a little bit of swimming. They have a great flat-screen television that's open for graduate students to use when we want. Ericlee has been *wild* over the Track & Field trials. We have rooted for Jordan Hasay, a high school 1500-meter runner from the valley who made it to the finals, and Billy Nelson, another valley kid who is actually going to the Olympics in the steeple chase. Meilani set up her own Olympic trials. She worked on her pole vaulting over the couch and diving skills into a pool of pillows.

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The VM Family said...

Oooh, excellent form. I give it a...10.0!