Monday, July 14, 2008

Picture of the Day: Trader Joe's we love you!

On our way back to Virginia from North Carolina, we found a Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill. What a gift! We've been missing our wholesome & organic deals at TJ's. We found a gold mine - This Trader Joe's just opened 6 months ago. All the people were friendly and helpful just like our TJ friends in Fresno. Meilani even got to drive a kid-sized cart. She very importantly shopped the aisles and got lots of attention from customers and workers. Mama was happy to score some Ginger-lemon tea for my upset tummy and Prenatal vitamins and sour lollipops. (Let's just say these are lifesavers during a 3-hour grad class.)

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The VM Family said...

You Gilmores sure are nuts about your Trader Joes! Seriously, find a way to get yourselves some cash from these promotional posts! :)