Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gilmores head for the Outer Banks with cousins

Friday morning we piled in the car and headed for North Carolina to meet up with Ericlee's cousins, Sean and Amy Bennett, and their son, Whitaker. The Bennetts had a plan to take us to the "Outer Banks," which is the Atlantic Coast. We made it to our hotel Friday evening and head a seafood dinner at Miller's Restaurant.

Then we drove over the sand dunes at Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers flew that first plan. We arrived right at sunset and enjoyed running up and down the dunes and watching the colorful hang gliders and kites. The sand was so cool, squishing between our toes.

Meilani and Whitaker ran and played in the sand. They were bathed head to toe in warm sunlight and sticky sand. Time for a bath!

We watched a flaming magenta sun ball slip into the horizon. We drank in the complete beauty of it all.


rozilini said...

CONGRATULATIONS, you guys! I noticed the picture in Facebook and went to the blog to see if they were REALLY holding a pregnancy test! Well, if your second is as adorable as Meilani, we'll be in for a treat. We wish you well! ~The Moes family

The VM Family said...

What's better than a summer day at the beach? Ummm, NOTHING!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you wnt to Kitty Hawk beach. Paul, Michelle, Cynthia, Dad, and I all saw the Wright Brothers' bike shop and house at Greenfield Village the day after the reunion on July 21. 3 actors playing the 2 brothers and their sister, Kate, told us all about their plans and their
1st flights at Kitty Hawk. Exciting! Looks like you had many other great times with the cousins!
Love, Nana