Friday, July 11, 2008

Picture of the Day: Right on Track with Daddy

Daddy took Meilani on an adventure to a nearby high school track today. He practiced jumping long jump and triple jump while Meilani played in the sand. Ericlee is training for the Commonwealth Games of Virginia, where he will be competing on Sunday, July 20. Meilani was quite content to build sand pies and bake sand cakes while Daddy worked.

We'll be cheering Daddy on this coming Sunday in the long jump, triple jump and 400-meter dash. It's not often Coach Gilmore gets to compete.

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The VM Family said...

I love this post paired with the one right before it-- you and Ericlee pictured with your passions, he on the track and you reading your stories to kiddos!

We'll be cheering for you from afar on the 20th! :)