Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picture of the Day: Pool Progress

Ericlee and Meilani enjoyed their last day at the pool. The Hollins U. pool is closed for this final week of class as they do some maintenance to get ready for the school year. Daddy and Meilani have been to the pool almost every day this summer and they have made some swimming progress.
With her little floatie vest, Meilani can swim the length of the pool and back with no helping hands. This means she's figured out how to kick and how to avoid swallowing water. When we take off her vest, she's learned this trick - holding her breath underwater. She can swim about 10 feet without help to the edge of the pool.
We will miss Amanda the life guard who gave us lots of pointers this summer since Meilani was too young for the official swimming lessons at the university. She's our little fishie!


The VM Family said...

Wow Meilani, that's awesome! I think we'll start swim lessons for Ella next summer. We've been working on these things, but she's happiest just hanging out in the shallow water her toes can touch in.

Guess your willingness to dive right in and plunge yourself underwater fits with your adventure-seeking personality!

Allison Vasquez said...

Am I seeing things, or is that a girly hairclip in Ericlee's hair? Ah, the joys of being the daddy to a little girl!