Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Fiesta at Nana and Papa's pad

This year Papa Doug put together a little Super Bowl gathering at Nana and Papa's new house a mile up the road from us. We were happy to be guests and not hosts. Grandma Chris and Larry joined us and so did Papa's brother, Uncle Winston. After Daddy and Meilani took a 2-hour afternoon nap, we hopped in the car and headed for the party. Meilani's still a little sleepy in this photo but she thoroughly enjoyed the Superbowl appetizers like Papa's famous Fruit Salad. (He's always got a container of fruit salad in the fridge - must be the Hawaiian in him.)

Even though Papa kind of sprung this "party" on Nana as a surprise, she was still in the kitchen serving up food and beverages. She made my recipe of Tackle 'em Teriyaki Burgers on Whole Wheat Buns. The grill is always a crazy adventure at Nana and Papa's house. Let's just say, "Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!" But we all survived and we think Papa was even out there doing the Super Bowl Shuffle as a little nod to our Chicago Bears. Dawn, Winston's wife, even sent some scrumptious Superbowl Sesame Chicken Wings.

Grandpa Larry made a beeline for the best seat in the house and rooted on the Giants. Actually, all the boys were rootin' for the Giants and were very surprised when then pulled off the win in the end. Us girls were not really rootin' for a team this year. We are all football fans, of course, but most of our attention was put on the Gilmore Quarterback, Meilani Cora, and all those wacky commercials. Meilani enjoyed rootin' for the "boys" with Grandpa Larry. He also did some karaoke singing for us at half time while Tom Petty was rockin' out. Grandpa knew all the words to "Free Fallin'" (or whatever the name of that number is).

And Meilani feasted on her Yo Baby! yogurt, a tradition at Nana and Papa's house, while the rest of got a little Touchdown Tres Leches Cake (a favorite Costa Rican dessert I dug out of a cookbook.) And what a surprise ending to the game!

Here's the Line-up from Super Bowl Sunday's Menu at the Lazos' House:

Super Bowl Sesame Chicken Wings
First Down Fruit Salad
Go Get 'em Guacamole on Favorite Nachos
Tackle 'em Teriyaki Burgers on Whole Wheat Buns
Rootin' for the Underdogs Chicken Sausage on Ciabatta Rolls
Touchdown Tres Leches Cake


The Growing VM Family said...

Well I suppose your amazing menu makes up for the lack of Bears in the Superbowl-- it would give me something to cheer about!

Try not to fall asleep while watching the game this year! :)

Parm & Kate said...

Dorina - reading your blog always makes me VERY HUNGRY :). Hope you have a fun Super Bowl party and great week.
Hasta luego,

The Growing VM Family said...

Sounds like a super Superbowl. What's with me? I couldn't resist a little 1st and 2nd quarter snooze with Delia!

Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

We're always honored to be part of your blog. Reading it tonight gave me a little break from school work and definitely made me smile!
Love, Nana and Papa