Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can you say Pajamarama?

Friday night our friends, the McGowens, invited us to the Pajamarama at Barnes & Noble bookstore. This was a great diversion since we spent all last week inside with our little cold and daddy was gone Friday night to his *last* away basketball game. I dressed Meilani in her cutest pajamas and turquoise slippers (compliments of Grandma Chris) and we packed up the car.

Upon arriving we met up with our friends and discovered we had already missed the story time but we were just in time for the crafts. And, you guessed it, the craft time was making Valentines. The Barnes & Noble employee got out the Poloroid camera and took pics of the kids to paste on their Valentine drawings. The kids' section of the bookstore was quite the explosion of glitter, puffy stickers, markers, crayons, candy hearts, drinks, stuffed animals and kids! Meilani's favorite activity was chasing her friends Milani and Peyton around the bookstore and through the aisles. We even caught them trying to climb shelves. Yikes!

We also noticed the B&N has turned into more of a toy store than a bookstore. There are gadgets and gizmos, stuffed animals and books with prizes at every turn. The kids loved it. I enjoyed sneaking a peek at some of the new children's books on the shelves. There was a plethora of valentines books and I even saw one on the life of Barack Obama - I guess we start them young on the political scene. Meliz found a great buy with three E. B. White books in one.

Milani poses here with a little ballerina bear she found on one of her rounds through the bookstore.

By the end of the night, we were definitely ready for bed. Meilani got rid of her cabin fever and enjoyed some time with friends. And the good news is, she was exhausted for mama by the time we made it home.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the Valentine card Meilani made for Daddy and know Ericlee will treasure it! Even though we live right here in Fresno, we still enjoy the pics and reading more details of Gilmore adventures!
Love you,
Nana and Papa