Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Time: Gilmores and Lazos indulge in a long weekend

This President's Weekend my brother Paul, and his wife, Michelle, drove up from L.A. to hang out with us. You can't tell but Michelle is 7 months pregnant in this pic. (Nice hiding behind the sweatshirt, Auntie Shel!) We enjoyed a much-needed vacation weekend at home with the family. We drank in the lovely spring weather in Fresno with a trip to Woodward Park on Saturday and a long walk up the trail.

After our long walk, we took Meilani over to the large play area. She changed into Miss Energy as soon as she saw all the things to climb. Daddy helped her experience the bars and winding slide. She still has that "No Fear" attitude she's had since she was a baby. Only now she introduces herself and talks to kids along the way.

She even ran over to the climbing wall where most of the "big kids" were hanging out and insisted on trying it. Yes, our little monkey is quite the climber. She tried scaling the wall without using the handles. Crazy. But the real games began after our munchkin was sleeping - later that night. (The park helped her to crash early!) In usual fashion, we played Ticket to Ride with Paul and Michelle until the wee hours of the night/morn.

On Sunday, we all went to church together to participate in the 3rd Sunday of our church's Missions Festival Month. Then we headed home for a lovely Sunday siesta and an Italian meal and Mom and Dad's house. Meilani thoroughly enjoyed her spaghetti and Nana's meat sauce. (Let's just call it a whole body experience.)

And the grand finale were Valentine Chocolate Lava cakes garnished with raspberries and chocolate sauce. Believe it or not we added a healthy twist to this recipe with whole wheat pastry flour and dark chocolate. Rich and delicious.

Monday was a day for shopping with the girls. The boys found their fix-it projects. And Miss Meilani got in some personal time with Auntie Michelle while Mama and Daddy headed off to track practice in the afternoon. Here she's climbing a tree while Michelle picks fresh oranges in Nana and Papa's yard. What a perfect February (?) weekend in Fresno.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend, one that you really needed and could gratefully soak up the quality time with family.

How can Michelle be 7 months pregnant? Where is the baby? I'm thinking that we need proof, 'cause each picture of her pregnant...there's no sign of a belly! They must be getting so excited. :)

Love ya,

The Growing VM Family said...

That last picture of your gal could be professional (and so could the picture of your heart cakes). Seriosuly, someone needs to get ahold of Parents and Taste of Home magazines!

Love, Jen

Schultz Family said...

OK, so WHERE is the recipe for those chocolate cakes oozing with dark chocolate?? We are all waiting! :)
As always, I'm loving your updates! Thanks for the pic of Chris coaching....thank goodness you didn't get his vein popping out of his neck! :)