Friday, February 08, 2008

Meilani makes her first Valentines with friends

On Wednesday, we went to a Valentine Story Time at Petunia's Place bookstore in Fresno. Then we had our friends over for lunch and a Valentine-making party. We shared a meal of tortilla soup, tamales and chips and salsa with the Schultzes and the McGowens. After lunch, we spread out the newspaper, got out the art supplies and started the par-tay!

Our friend Addy tied on an apron and went to work on a Valentine card for her uncle. She had fun with the puffy heart stickers we bought at Michael's and the markers. Meilani enjoyed the glitter (Something she has never used before!)

Our little friend Milani went for the Heart Extravaganza look with her card. She made a cute one for her daddy. She also helped direct Meilani on the best way to make Valentines. (So cute. She's 3 and knows how it's done!)

Kamryn and Tessa had fun creating their own heartthrob valentines. Kamryn is writing now and she wrote a sweet note to her uncle. We were touched to see how thoughtful all the girls were in making these cards. I reminisced about when I was a kid and we used to make valentines every year with our family. This was an annual event at the Lazo house and something I really looked forward to sharing with my parents and brother.

After the Valentine party, the kids played for a while in the other room and even prepared a little "show" for the mamas. (One of the great parts about having a 9-year-old like Meliz McGowen around is that she always rallies our little ones.) They performed their show with Meilani as the baby, Peyton as a pet monkey, Kamryn as the trainer and Tessa as a kid laying on the tables. The mamas all laughed our heads off at their creativity.

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The Growing VM Family said...

What a fun idea! You can't go wrong with toddlers, stickers and glitter (at least not in our house!) I'm sure you will find an equally creative and special way to celebrate tomorrow.

Love, Jen