Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bye-Bye Basketball; Hello Track & Field

Friday night was the final home game for the Fresno Christian Varsity boys' team. Ericlee has coached this long season with his friend, Chris Schultz. Meilani and Mama have been along for the ride - a tourney in the Bay Area, home games and the occasional away games. Meilani has learned to chant "Eagle Eagle" with the best of the fans. And now we say "ByeBye" to the "boys" and hello to the track season.

The highlight of basketball season for Ericlee was definitely hanging out with Chris on a regular basis. The two strategized, coached, talked nutrition and even worked out together a few (early) mornings a week. They won a few games, and lost a few more. As a family, we struggled together as Daddy worked long hours and back-to-back sports seasons. The benefit, of course, is the opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of high school young men.

While the daddies coached, the mamas and kids scheduled regular play dates and formed an unofficial "wives club" behind the bench at the games. I've enjoyed spending time with Jen Schultz as we supported each other through this time. If we get anywhere near a basketball court, Meilani starts asking for Addy, Tessa and Kamryn Schultz - her b-ball sistas.

After Friday's games, the littlest girls had fun tumbling in the gym. Daddy brought out the mats and Meilani showed off her somersault skills. Not bad for a 20-month-old. Can you say energy?

Meilani cleaned up the gym (wink wink) while Mama collected bottles for recycling. Then both the Gilmores and the Schultzes headed out for a late-night snack and celebration of the season ending and a new one beginning.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hooray! You survived a season of being husband-less. Cheers to you guys for how much you participated in this with him and cheers to his upcoming Track season!