Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree at Nana & Papa's new house

Meilani girl is getting the hang of this tree decorating thang. We went to Nana and Papa Lazo's house last Saturday to help them hang the ornaments on their tree. Meilani got right to work. Meanwhile, our Haitian friends Gerby and Walquis played Christmas music on the saxophone and keyboard.

She had fun investigating all the sweet and goofy ornaments homemade by our family and Mom/Maria's students through the years. We found cookie cutter ornaments made by Caron, Christmas stocking ornaments with Nana as a hula dancer and even cross-stitched ornaments made by Mama (Dorina) when she was in elementary school.

Daddy lifted Meilani high into the sky to help put the "TAR!" on the top of the tree. Meilani can say the word and do the sign language sign for "star." And she sang out her new favorite word, "Wow!"

Walquis is digging in to his favorite American food - a bowl full of Cool Whip. (That's right, just Cool Whip.) We think he missed out on Nana Maria's homemade blueberry pie.

Meilani practices her text messaging *skills* with Grandpa Larry on the cell phone. She's already hitting up Santa for the newest camera phone. Yikes!

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