Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Harvest from our Purr-fect li'l Tiger!

We're not really into the tricks or the treats or all the gross, ghoulish and garish parts of Halloween but we are into dressing up and spending good times with friends. This year Meilani was a little tiger with a great hand-me-down costume from our friend Ella and a fabulous mask and new shoes from Target.

Wednesday morning we picked up Papa Doug and headed for the Fresno Borders Halloween Story Time. They hosted a trick-or-treat time in the store with various staff in costume handing out the goods. We ended up in the children's section with lots of monkeys, princesses and Harry Potter lookalikes. They offered coloring sheets and crayons but no stories. Meilani had a grand old time running down the aisles, gathering up all the stuffed animals in the children's sections and reading dog books with Mama.

In the afternoon, we headed over the High School Cross Country League Champs to cheer on Daddy's team and show off Meilani's costume. It was quite amusing to watch this little tiger yell, "Go, Go, GO!" the the high schoolers at the last stretch of their 3.1 miles. Here she eats her "treat" - a ripe banana. (I know, we're such mean parents, no candy!)

Both the girls and boys teams placed second at the League Champs and we were all so proud. All 12 runners brought in personal records as well. Meilani congratulates Ellie Wilhelm and Janae Ford, a few of her favorite girls, after their race.

After the Cross Country meet, we made a quick trick-or-treat stop at Troy & Allison Vasquez's house. We just *had* to see the Happy Feet Penguins, and especially baby Mia Penguin. So positively cute!

Grandma Christene stopped by after work for a quick glimpse at our little tiger. Meilani and Grandma gave out a few handfuls of treats to the kids from our neighborhood. Meanwhile, Meilani made a few international phone calls and took photos on Grandma's fancy camera.

We ended our day at the Bridge Church Harvest Party, where Nana and Papa were serving food to kids and parents. Surprise, surprise - Nana and Papa were dressed in Hawaiian garb. ALOHA! Our tiger rRRRRoARED her way into Nana's arms.

The harvest party was quite impressive - complete with pony rides, bounce houses, mazes and all kinds of free games, including this duck pond game. The nice ladies at the duckduckduck pond help Meilani find the special duck that wins a prize.

We pose here with our pastor's wife, Hillbilly Michelle, along with Marcy & Corban Pusey. We saw quite the array of baby costumes at the Harvest Party, including a poodle, a crayon, lots of pumpkins and bears and even a whole family tetris game. Cool.

Meilani was quite tuckered out after a long day of festivities. She informed us in the car that this little tiger wanted to go "NighNigh." How Purr-fect!


Anonymous said...

Your pix and article brought me some chuckles and joy today. Of course I got to see the little tiger in person, but I was delighted to read about her and all your adventures just the same.
Love, Nana

The Growing VM Family said...

So, somewhere in the future the VM family is going to be penguins. That was so creative, definitely an idea worth stealing!

Glad you had such a happy harvest, thanks for the vivid descriptions.

Love, Jen