Monday, November 12, 2007

Meilani Visits a few of her Faves

On Friday, we took our free afternoon to do some visiting. First stop: Grandma Christene's office. Grandma is usually *very* busy tending to her doctors but on this Friday we caught her when she had a break. She had fun showing off Meilani to all her friends at the office.
Meilani loved Grandma's work cubby and seeing all the pictures of her and the colorful files. She was quite the performer on this little stool. (What else is new?)
We also stopped by Fresno Christian to see Daddy on his lunch break and drop off a few things to him before he headed for his weekend retreat with the basketball team. (We just had to squeeze in a few more hugs and loves.) Meilani and I were in "single girl" mode for a few days but it was fun.

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