Friday, November 09, 2007

Cross Country season closes; Ericlee's basketball team hoops it up

Yesterday was the official close to Ericlee's Cross Country season. His team competed at the Valley Championships at Woodward Park. One athlete - Whitney Chessum - will be continuing on. She placed 11th yesterday and won an invitation to the State meet in a few weeks. We're so proud of her.

One of our track seniors, Ellie Wilhelm, also ran yesterday and impressed us with her perserverance until the end. Ellie has been a thrower, jumper, hurdler and sprinter for our track program and now she can add long distance running to her talents.

The star of the boys' team is Sophomore Doug Daniel who got this Cross Country team running at the start and finished in the top 10 yesterday. He just missed an invitation to the State meet by one place. We were so sad about that but celebrating with him for a great race. (There's always future years for Doug!)

And now our family is transitioning into basketball season. Ericlee is the assistant coach for the Varsity Boys' team this year. He will be coaching with his best friend, Chris Schultz, so he's very excited about that, despite the late nights and long days. Last Sunday, we helped host a Coaches' Family Potluck for all the girls and boys basketball coaches and their families. Pictured here is Isaiah Tosland, son of Josh & Amy. Josh coaches the girls' team.

Mama Amy Tosland is joining me in the Coaches' Wives/Mamas Club. We've promised to band together and support each other throughout the long basketball season with tournaments, trips and two games a week. Amy has TWO kids this season so I'm going to watch and see how she works it. Also, joining us is Jen Schultz, mama to three kids and my personal hero.

Shanda and Chad Posthumus were the basketball coach and spouse with the *skills* on Sunday night. They won our couples' shooting competition and bragging rights for the season. All in all, it was a relaxing evening of getting to know each other, praying for this new season ahead and some fabulous food. (When we say potluck, we mean enough food for ... the whole season!)

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The Growing VM Family said...

Is there anything Ericlee cannot do? He sounds like you, Dorina!

Love, Jen