Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meilani rocks out at her first concert

On Wednesday night, Meilani experienced her first rock concert. Fresno Christian Schools hosted an event called "Rock These Walls," featuring four Christian artists, including Building 429 and Aaron Shust at Peoples Church. Since Daddy's a teacher, he was assigned to security for the evening and Meilani was assigned to entertaining the entertainers.

The church is built in a circle so we did about 80 laps, chasing Meilani throughout the concert. She especially enjoyed flirting with the band (special privileges since Daddy was security) and saying hi to anyone and everyone. We also snuck up to the balcony, which was closed for the concert, so Mama could actually watch the show and Meilani could run around. This also helped since the guitars were a bit loud for Meilani on the main level.

We also visited Nana Maria who was selling T-shirts for the show. Meilani entertained Nana for a little while too. This truly was a family event. We saw elementary kids from Nana's class and high schoolers from the track team. We were most impressed with Building 429 and surprised at how many songs we really did know the lyrics too. Meilani had fun rocking out.

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This is awesome! We heard about this concert on KLove and figured you guys would have some role in it.