Thursday, July 23, 2009

Music Camp proves a Symphony of Joy

Wednesday, July 22

The Music Camp here in Haiti is underway! Today marks the halfway point of the camp and the missionary complex is bustling with excitement. The new team arrived on Saturday. We enjoyed a day of rest and visiting three of the ministry’s churches on Sunday. On Monday, the campers arrived. Some 75 young people ages 15-23 are staying here at the church for the week. Think Hume Lake Christian in a Haitian context. Jeff Loven is leading his group and the campers are learning about Music Theory, Beginning Instruments, Dance, Marching Band Formation, Drama and even Mural Painting.

Ericlee and my role is to watch the Puseys two kids and our two girls as well as to provide a cultural bridge for the team and the Haitian people. A committee of church members are preparing and feeding the campers three meals a day. The team opens each day with a devotion and drama and a time of worship through singing. Then the campers go to the various classes, rotating each hour. It’s been a true joy to walk around campus hearing the Haitian young people who are so thrilled about what they are learning. They have never experienced anything like this and they seem to be soaking up each moment.

Although my main role is here in the house watching the kids, I did have a chance yesterday to help teach a dance class with my mom. My mom has been a folk dance teacher for many years and I often would help her when I was younger. The dances she is sharing here are Israeli dances that come straight from the Bible – folk dances that worship God through movement. The Haitians were absolutely tickled to learn these simple dances. They worked and worked at the steps. We all collapsed and laughed breathlessly after an hour of learning together.

I have enjoyed watching the creativity and synergy of this team as they teach, act and encourage the Haitians. Throughout the day I hear snippets of conversation here and there from the young people about how much fun they had in drama class or how serious they are about marching band formation. Their smiles – bright white toothy grins from ear to ear – speak volumes about how they are blessed.

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