Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haiti Update #2: Sports Camp Commences

Today was our second day of Sports Camp for the Haitian kids in Pignon and we felt so blessed by God's presence here.

Monday was slightly chaotic when 150-some kids showed up for camp and we were only prepared with shirts for 120. We experienced many challenges because of the language barrier with the kids. We also faced extreme humidity/heat in Haiti with not enough water to serve the kids on the field. Kids were pushing and stealing water from each other and we had to split up some arguments started by bystanders. We have come to expect these kinds of challenges but they are never fun.

Each day we are splitting the 120 kids into four teams and the teams rotate each hour. Each team rotates between Soccer (taught by Doug Lazo & Jeremy Schmidt), Baseball (taught by Phil & Cooper Belmont), Hurdles (taught by Debbi Ball and myself), and Relay Races (taught by Ericlee and Jenny Schmidt). Mom Lazo is in charge of the Gilmore girls and Stacey Belmont is graciously delivering drinks to all the campers and coaches (A HUGE job!)

Today many of the details that discouraged us on Day One were ironed out. In fact, we had extra time that we had to be creative and make up more acitivities. The prayers of friends and family all over the United States are certainly working because we can feel the peace in the midst of it all.

In the afternoons, we are hosting a Story Hour for the youngest kids in the neighborhood who cannot participate in the Sports Camp. Many of them are seven and under. Mom/Maria Lazo brought a story set in Haiti from Child Evangelism Fellowship to share Christ with these kids. Debbi helped with props and pictures. Peter's oldest daughter, Stacy, served as the translator.

Maria shared the story in the yard next to the church and the kids were absolutely quiet and enraptured by the details of the story and her expressions. It is clear that storytelling is highly valued in this culture which has not yet been polluted by television, video games and other distractions. They were so hungry for more. We look forward to sharing with them each afternoon this week as the 5-part story continues.

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