Sunday, July 19, 2009

Haiti Update #5: Second Team arrives in Haiti

Saturday, July 18
What a blessing our second team arrived with no real glitches in their long travel from the United States. The most memorable “adventure” of the trip was the team leader, Jeff Loven, driving Peter’s truck from the Port Au Prince airport to the small airport. Since the truck was full, Peter offered to ride on the back of the truck and give directions. Apparently, as they were driving Peter fell off the truck but the team did not realize until about a mile later. Peter says he was spread eagle in the middle of the street with his nose to the dirt. When the team realized Peter was gone, they did a U-turn and went back to the Port Au Prince airport. Meanwhile, Peter took a taxi to the small airport. Eventually they connected. Peter, in his comical way, said this all happened so he would have a good story to tell about being left in the dust by the Americans. The team did not need to wait more than a half hour in the small airport and then they were on their way to Pignon. They arrived in Pignon safely with all their bags just a few hours before a beautiful rain storm.

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