Friday, July 17, 2009

Haiti Update #4: Championship Day at Sports Camp

Friday, July 17
This morning we had our final Championship Day for the Sports Camp. This is the day we have been anticipating all week. The four teams - red, blue, orange and green competed in four main events, including the Baseball Toss, Hurdles, Running relays and Soccer. Debbi started out the morning with a devotion about Passion. Then we marched to the field with the campers eagerly anticipating the competition.

Ericlee says the competition for the Baseball toss was a hit. The blue team was very proud of their win. The track events took a while so we didn’t have time for the finals before we had to move on to soccer. Once again the blue team took the gold. It was a joy to watch all the teams make up chants and cheers for their respective teams and encourage each other along.

We concluded our time in the church and gave out prizes to the winning teams and the individuals. The top prizes were for Best sportsmanship. Two girls and two boys were chosen for these. Our team enjoyed watching the kids play with their prizes (dolls, balls, etc.) and strut around with their new backpacks, hats, etc. During this time, we also reviewed all the devotions/spiritual values we had taught the kids throughout the week. It was a blessing to see how much they actually remembered. We pray this had an influence on them. The entire Championship Day lasted until 12:30 p.m. – 2 hours beyond what we planned. Needless to say, our team was exhausted and stinky but we were grateful for the work God did throughout the week!

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