Saturday, February 28, 2009

Girl Power: Schultzes and Gilmores form a team

Ericlee and his best friend, Chris Schultz, became new daddies within a few days of each other. Samantha Quinn Schultz was born Saturday, February 14, and Giada Esther Gilmore was born Monday, February 16. Samantha is girl number four and Giada is girl number two. We hosted a pizza party with the Schultzes on Saturday night and that meant eight girls and two daddies. That's some lonely y-chromosomes.
Sammy Q is so little and sweet. Daddy tries to soothe her...Will she be his basketball star?
And another proud daddy checks out his Giada with visions of future track meets in his head...
The mamas, Jen and Dorina, conclude the pregnancy journey and now begin a new journey together: mothering newborns.

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The VM Family said...

If I read this to Ella, she'd say, "Girls just wanna have fun!" This is the theme in our house when we are y-chromosome-less. :)