Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giada's First Outing: A Sunday Morning Excursion

Giada had her first outing today. We dressed her up and stuck her in the sling and took her with us to church. She was a big fan of the sling and snuggled up right away. This was the final Sunday of our church's February Missions Month with a focus this year on Haiti. Giada did pretty well. We sat all the way in the back row of the balcony. After a fat meal, Giada slept for the rest of service. She even got a mention by Pastor Scott in the sermon.

Mama survived the first outing with the Gilmore girls. I was grateful for all the help from my sister and Ericlee. It was nice to feel like a real person again and actually get out of the house after spending the week at home. Now onto my solo adventures with the girls...

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The VM Family said...

"My solo adventures with the girls..." You can do it, Mama!!