Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Sister Time!

We've already been blessed with visitors. My big sister, Caron, arrived on Tuesday evening from Seattle. She was hoping to make it in time for Giada's birth but since this babe arrived so quickly Auntie Caron made it in time for the after care and recovery. She's been spoiling us by cleaning the house, doing laundry, serving up meals and taking turns at holding Giada so Mama & Daddy can catch a little rest.
We also have another big sis in the house. For months now, Meilani has been talking about her new baby sister and eagerly awaiting her arrival. Meilani assured Mama that she would help with diaper changes, nursing and anything else we needed to take care of "her baby." Unfortunately, Meilani had a cold on Monday when Giada was born so she couldn't hold her baby right away. Nana Maria creatively sewed up this "Queen Esther" veil so Meilani could get a little closer without sharing germs.

Today, we let her hold Giada without the veil for a few minutes. Meilani loved nuzzling Giada's toes and stroking her soft baby head. She's even more excited about the day when sister can play with her.

Meilani helped Mama give Giada a sun bath...

Auntie Stacie brought flowers and a special Big Sister Gift for Meilani last night. She got a book about sisters and a special "Big Sister Badge" sticker in a card. So proud!

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