Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome, Baby Giada!

Our second daughter, Giada Esther Gilmore, was born at 6:31 p.m. Monday, February 16. She was born at home in a birthing tub and came in a fast 3 1/2 hours a full 6 days before her due date.

Meilani is now a proud older sister and she's taking her job very seriously - helping mama with diapers and often begging to "hold my baby" and help with nursing.

Ericlee once again served as the birthing coach. He helped me through each contraction, which started out very intense at 3 p.m. Monday. There was not much "Early Labor" to prepare for this little girl. We were grateful Ericlee was home because of the President's holiday.

Our certified nurse midwife, Marilyn Steinberg, was an absolute gem. Her knowledgeable yet gentle spirit were the perfect combination to give me confidence and assurance throughout the labor process.

Mom/Nana Maria served as a labor assistant. Marilyn's midwife assistant could not make it to the birth and my sister, Caron, was still en route from Seattle. My mom stepped up to the plate and really served as a great encouragement and support throughout the birth and especially for the alst 45 minutes of pushing Giada out!

Proud grandparents, Chris and Larry, were close by and were able to see Giada right after she was born and hold their new "fair-skinned" grandgirl.

Papa Doug was also able to see his granddaughter Giada right away and hold her close.

Giada is 21 inches long with long slender fingers and feet. There's already debate about whether this girl will play piano, hula dance or be a runner. We'll see what God decides!


The VM Family said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome Baby Giada! You're just as cute as can be! And you are blessed with an incredibly strong Mama. Take good care of her! :)

heather said...

Beautiful baby and beautiful mama! Congratulations!