Sunday, June 01, 2008

Getting our newborn fix: A Visit with Cynthia Joy

Last week we spent five days with Paul and Michelle and baby Cynthia. This was just the newborn baby fix we all needed. Cindy was about 4 pounds last time we saw her in the NICU. Now she's up to 8 pounds. She's an alert, beautiful, breastfed baby. We loved hearing her coos, smelling her skin and even listening to her little lamb cries in the middle of the night. She's looking a lot like Mama these days with her bright blue eyes and fair skin.
Meilani was very excited to spend time with her youngest cousin. She took a real interest in *gently* entertaining Cynthia. She would hold up her toys and make sure the musical ones were playing at all times. She was always very concerned when the baby cried and loved touching Cindy's little toes. So cute!

Michelle is doing an awesome job as a mama. She's enjoying her time at home with Cynthia. She has the whole summer off and will be doing a job-share in the fall. She's settling into the slower-paced (if that's possible!) life with lots of flexibility for newborn needs. And Cindy already has her mama and Daddy's determination. Our favorite character trait was the way she would wait until her diaper was changed before she did the real poopy damage. She often had to be changed three times in a row. (She must take after her Daddy on that one!)

Nana Maria embraced her time with her newest granddaughter. We teased Mom because every time she took Cindy she would cry. Of course, this wasn't Nana's fault. Cindy just wanted her Mama's milk. And she did get lots of sweet cuzzling time with Nana as well as Papa and Unc Ericlee.

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The VM Family said...

Thanks for the update on your cutie niece. Eight pounds already...holy smokes! So happy to hear how well she, mama and papa are doing!